Multi-Lingual Member Surveys

Member Intelligence Group Expands Multi-Lingual Survey Options


July 9, 2020 (Orlando, FL) – Member Intelligence Group (MIG) announced today that, effective immediately, all of its member and employee survey tools will be offered in multiple language options. According to the US Census Bureau, nearly 15% of Americans exclusively speak Spanish at home, an all-time high.


“Credit unions that have a particularly high Spanish-speaking membership may be missing feedback from a significant portion of their base,” said Member Intelligence Group CEO Jim Kasch. “Consumers are far more likely to respond to requests for feedback when presented the opportunity to do so in their native language.”


Respondents will be prompted at the beginning of the survey to select their preferred language.  Spanish options are available immediately, with other languages scheduled to become available as requested by clients. Some of the future language options include French, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, and Portuguese.


“In addition to more broadly opening the door for constructive feedback, offering user-chosen language options demonstrates the credit union knows and understands their members,” Kasch added.


Results from the surveys will still be presented in English, though open comments from members will not be translated.


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