Loyalty matters because it is how your credit union generates organic growth, whether it's in new members, new loans, or new deposits.

It begins with the effort your members must expend to do business with you.  Read THIS white paper to learn more.  Low effort generates satisfaction, which leads to loyalty. Loyal members are more likely to become advocates of the credit union, meaning they actually REFER members to the credit union.  All this leads to organic growth. Where do you start?  By asking your members to help you.




The Virtuous Cycle


Using surveys to collect feedback from your members fuels the virtuous cycle that propels profitable growth for your credit union. When you ask for honest feedback, analyze virtuous cycle imagethe responses, and apply the lessons to your strategic plan, this input becomes invaluable.

Your credit union has limited resources. Which projects are most likely to lead to increased loyalty, which leads to organic growth?  Which subset of your membership is giving you which feedback? Which service improvements are most likely to create more promoters? Where are your product and service gaps? Which delivery channels need improvement? Which project will have the biggest bang for your buck?

It all begins with asking your members the right questions at the right times.  Member Intelligence Group provides a full 360 degree approach to soliciting, organizing, and analyzing this feedback to inform your strategic decision making.

Our four unique surveys create dynamic member intelligence that fuels the flywheel.  We help provide thoughtful analysis of the feedback, complete with customized recommendations based on your members input and our experience. You make operational improvements that make it easier and better for your members to conduct business with you, and they reward your with higher balances.  All this improves your financial performance in higher ROA, stronger net worth, a more stable asset base, and improved efficiency.

 360 Degree Perspective

Only Member Intelligence Group provides a full 360 picture of your members' perspective of your service.  Our Member Experience Loop surveys gauge effort, satisfaction,and net promoter scores for all of your transaction types and delivery channels.

Results are provided to you real-time via your own personal portal, as well as in monthly reports at the individual, branch, and enterprise level.  Got a special view you want to see?  No problem, just ask.

We'll be the first to let you know if there are opportunities for service recovery when things didn't go as well as planned, and time for additional cross-selling for members in the market right now.

Plus we always provide you with the full raw data file so you and your team can mine the data to your hearts' content.