Asking for feedbaCall center operators at workck from your members only once per year is a little like waiting until your annual performance review to talk to your boss about how you’re doing.  The best relationships have continual, two-way conversations and your relationship with your member is no different.

Let’s think about this.  At its root, organic growth comes from members who are advocates for the credit union, and that advocacy is a demonstrated level of loyalty to the institution.  We are in a service industry, and the single best way to build satisfaction and loyalty is to make it as easy as possible to do business with us.  How easy is it for your members?

The Member Experience Loop Surveys do more than ask your members if they were happy with their most recent teller transaction.  The biggest detractor from low effort are repeated calls to resolve the same issue.  Our surveys:

  • Gauge satisfaction, effort, and promotability (yeah, we made that word up) based on all interactions
  • By all we mean file maintenance transactions that aren’t usually included in these types of surveys (and it’s in these where most members get frustrated)
  • We’ll even use in-branch kiosks or tablets if you like
  • We also mean all delivery channels, including your online and mobile channels (or Omin-Channel as the gurus call it)

Wouldn’t you like to know if there remains an unresolved issue? Wouldn’t you like to know which of your employees continually go above and beyond for your members?

We ask for direct feedback through specific channels so you can better manage the experience.  It all contributes to that full picture of how well you’re doing, and where you can improve.

We’ll even help you dig deeper into specific events, channels, branches, locations, member groups, products, and even employees.  The more you know, the better.